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Sultan Records

Mark Sultan – Livin’ My Life +2 7″EP
The A-side appears (in a shoddier mix) on Mark’s upcoming ‘Whatever I Want’ LP, one of TWO LPs he is releasing in October on In The Red. The other two tracks are both unreleased, and one is a cover of Lee Maye’s 1958 classic, ‘Pounding’. This EP shows Mark easily transitioning back to early soul sounds he loves. 350 on white vinyl. 650 on black.
Release# SLTN703

a) Livin’ My Life (alt. mix)
b) Pounding
Shadow With The Golden Eyes

audio samples forthcoming!


The King Khan & BBQ Show – 7″
Recorded in Berlin at King Khan’s Moon Studios in the Spring of 2011, this was the first time Khan & BBQ (Mark Sultan) had worked together since their infamous breakup a year previous. The melancholy that is puked forth gives listeners a chance to understand their tumultuous blood-bond and psychic brotherhood. Great downer rock’n’roll sounds with an LSD coating, featuring a stellar cover of Syd Barrett’s classic ‘Terrapin’. 650 on black, 350 on white.
Release #SLTN704


The Ding-Dongs – Lucky Day +3 7″EP.
The Ding-Dongs are Mark Sultan and Bloodshot Bill, two heavyweights of rock’n’roll, old friends both hailing from Montreal . Bloodshot Bill has been wowing crowds across the world with his incredibly authentic (but not cheesy) rockabilly sounds as a one-man band and beyond. Mark Sultan (BBQ) has been touring incessantly with a soulful voice commandeering his own one-man band, based in chaos and RnR/RnB of the most sincere kind. Together as the Ding-Dongs, they make rock’n’roll of the highest caliber. The real shit. Which is why Norton Records put their first album out last year. The EP has 4 songs, including 2 cover versions of great, lost rock’n’roll gems. 350 on white vinyl. 650 on black vinyl.

a) Lucky Day
The Dump
b) Zach