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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Sultan Records


Well, I have to say… THAT was a fun tour! I am talking, of course, about that King Khan & BBQ Show tour we just completed. Everyone was singing along and excited. Shows were mainly soldout. There were some knobs who caused trouble, etc, and we DID get ripped off in our hometown (should never have expected less), but overall, we are really happy. I am not 100% sure if we will remain named ‘The King Khan & BBQ Show’, as there are way too many people who can’t check stuff online, are easily confused, or have ADD, but we will be recording again. As for touring, we’ll be in Australia and Asia starting the end of May – I will post dates when they become CERTAIN, but shit looks good! As for myself, HOZAC just put out my split with Black Lips. Go find it. The label-made cover seems to be a fuck you to both bands. I think I am also finally gonna finish a bunch of songs I started recording in late 2011. Look for that. Also, look for a new Ding-Dongs LP and some 45s. REALLY good stuff. Solo, I will be on tour in New Zealand after the KKBBQ dates, and off to India to record. I now live in Berlin. See you there!


PHOTO BY – Pooneh Ghana


5 Responses to “THANKS SO MUCH, EVERYONE!!”

  • Natad:

    Well for me it doesn’t matter what is called what, people will give stuff a name after all (or mislabel it and fuck it up). Maybe it’s clever to name the dog before ye put it in the world but stuff always happens. Just bring yourself into a recording studio and/or into Holland and i’ll be satisfied..(Big smile).
    But nice story to read, always can feel the sincerity in the message.
    Cheers and till next time!


  • Curtis:

    What the hell is up with that record cover?!?!

    Shit is atrocious haha

  • jimbo:

    where can i find this “split”?

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