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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Sultan Records


It’s so nice to be home, in Montreal!

Well, that was a fun tour. It was long, too! But it was cool, I that I was able to drive around a lot of the continent with my gf, who has only seen select parts of this wonderful wasteland. I wanna thank everyone who came out to support me and who enjoyed the shows, etc… Out of the shitload of shows that I had managed to play, I only got dicked around once or twice. I think people find that route easy when someone is booking themselves and being ‘DIY’ – sometimes promoters think they won’t incur the same wrath they would if they had fucked with a booking agent. Problem is that I know a lot of people, and love revenge. I tried Las Vegas, even after everyone told me not to, and got kicked in the cunt. New York was a mess. Both times I tried, something happened, the second time I was just deemed ‘uncool’ or whatever, and that’s fine. But ya, the US, for all of its social woes, is an impressive – and often beautiful – country to drive through. I’ve done it a million times, but when you are with people who haven’t seen it (like most things), you develop a newfound appreciation for it.

Alas, I will be paring my one-man band shows down in the future, as I will be mostly chilling out, doing other bands, and being in Europe. Again, thanks to those who ‘get it’, and still a big ‘suck it’ to those who only like my music when it’s in another context.

I gotta say, speaking of other contexts, it was an absolute pleasure playing some US shows with my best pal King Khan. Given all the crap that was said between us, about us, and TO us, finally getting to play a little tour in the US, hanging out, revisiting hijinks etc… was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out to those shows, and thanks to everyone who allowed my own dates to be shuffled to accommodate these ones. Class.

It was cool to play the Midwest. People were appreciative and really made us feel welcome. I was so stoked that my new car, my Subaru Outback (Cruncher), was so able to make the whole trek, with only a couple of oil changes. Count me as a big fan. But ya, me and Khan have fully rediscovered our love for the music we make, and even if I am invisible in this band no matter what I do, I love playing in it and love the energy we can create. And it seems to make people happy. Well, maybe they will be happier to know that it seems we will be back in the US in April. As well as visiting Australia and Asia, possibly in the summer. With a few European shows thrown in for good measure. Stoked! I think we’ll also be recording a bit, too.

This is all barring end times.





  • Juan:

    the iowa city show was a blast! So glad you had a wonderful experience, and would love to see you here again

  • Zack:

    Glad the tour was fun, make sure you come back to Iowa!

  • Joel:

    No exaggeration, I love every note of music I’ve heard from you (even the stranger stuff) and really wish I could have seen my favorite rock ‘n’ roller play in L.A. (couldn’t make it for a number of reasons). If you ever play an all-ages show in the area again, I’ll do my best to be there and love the music from a safe distance!

  • ben:

    Must say im still buzzin from the iowa city show you n khan played. Been waiting years to see you play either alone or with a group. I would love to see you come back to my neighborhood as a solo act though, its what i dig the most.

  • Clay:

    Psyched to see you coming through the US, particularly the Midwest. Stop by and see us in Tulsa, if you’re coming round this way. Would love to hear you live! Cheers.

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