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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
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IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to write something about my recent tours… They were awesome, for the most part! I really feel I have turned a corner. From the looks of things, the people who come to the shows now are enthusiastic and happy about the music, open to the experience, for good or bad. They appreciate it, and genuinely aren’t trying to be ‘cool’. Some folks don’t enjoy it, sometimes, but a lot do, asking for hugs and throwing flowers. Smiling, making out… Dude from ‘Outer Minds’ threw a beer can at me in Chicago, but they’re ‘big time’, so I should be honoured. Great show, tho. Thanks to Billiams for setting me up with overnight parking and plowing me with libations. I think the only bummer was in Memphis. Nothing will change if people wanna cannibalize fellow musicians, and only share similarly shitty promoter experiences in private. Anyway, I’m over it. It’s still an awesome city. But ya, super happy about how 99% of places were happy to welcome me. It felt good. It also made me happy to be in those places, a few of which I had never been to, or hadn’t been to in a while. They were a pleasure to play. I have to apologize for both St. Paul and Omaha. I started the last mini-tour having not fully gotten over a throat infection from the previous tour, so by the time I hit St. Paul, my voice was shot. I tried very hard to get through it as best I could, but it certainly wasn’t 100%, so I hope you guys allow me back one day to play at my best. And because of all of this, I ended up having to sacrifice Omaha to make sure I could finish out the rest of the dates. Sorry. I’ll gladly come back if anyone cares to have me. There were a few lessons I hard-headedly learned. One MAJOR one was (I can’t believe I hadn’t learned this one yet): do not drive yourself and play. On top of the obvious fatigue issues, goddamn is being sober a drag on tour!! It actually, sadly, impeded me, sometimes, from playing as hard as I wanted to. So places like Columbus: I’ll be back, drunk with a vengeance. But at least I had my tour manager, Jo Murray, along for the ride. Totally helped my sanity. Thanks. I also got to go to Montreal and play my first solo show there for 5 years or something. While, disappointingly, some of the friends I expected to see didn’t show up (my show was the sacrificial lamb to some, being sandwiched between a Reigning Sound and Sexareenos show, before and after, and also, perhaps, just not as ‘cool’ without Khan, to some), the place was full and people were bursting with love. A few folks were blown away, because they had envisioned something lesser. I felt fantastic afterwards and partied old-Montreal style with people I love. The Sexareenos show was fun, too, but we went on way too late for where the venue was located. The trip to Montreal was also for me to make a decision once and for all. So, ya, moving back to my homeland. Very excited! I talked to Khan yesterday, and we’re both really stoked for these two Canadian dates in 2 weeks. They are gonna be over-the-top and fun. I think the familial hatred we had between us has long since dissipated, luckily. Blood-bonds of surrealist chaos are hard to break. We may do a show in Berlin in September, too, IF I make it out to Europe to do my mini-tour there, including Reunion Island off of Madagascar. And I am working on Oz/NZ/Asia for the fall. These dates will be up soon.

Here’s a link on to a new song I did a month or so back, part of a new bunch that I have to finish… It’s called ‘Oh, Summertime‘:

In the meantime, here’s what’s coming up – not tons, but I need time to record a new album and start on my novel.


Friday, July 6th : Moncton, NB – The Manhattan
Saturday, July 7th : Halifax, NS – Michael’s
Friday, August 17th : San Diego, CA – Radfest!


Friday, August 10th : Manhattan, NYC – Home Sweet Home w/Jonathan Toubin!
Saturday, August 18th : San Diego, CA – Radfest! Pool Party!


Friday, July 13th : Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
Saturday, July 14th : Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore (early show)


Friday, August 24th : Montreal, QC – Olympic Stadium (!?)


Saturday, August 25th : TBC*

* I still haven’t asked the other guys. I just wanna do a show. :p