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Sultan Records

Another tour has come and gone, this time it was North America. I ended up having to book the thing myself, pretty short notice. It was stressful to book, but I managed. It was stressful to get through, due to short-notice routing, but I did it. I had ups and downs, but it was mostly a great trip and a great time. I finally saw Puerto Rico, and if that ain’t one of the best places to play and visit, I dunno what is. Very few shows were disappointments, but the couple that were took place in cities I had expected better from. Now I know. I also realized that I am an outsider to the press, and even to the people in whatever ‘scene’ I may be dragged into. This in particular was not depressing or surprising, but kind of amusing to me, in that I seriously have had a major role in influencing a lot of the same stuff that is being written about and heavily attended – whether people wish to know or acknowledge that or not. I think a lot of folks, for example, don’t realize just how much I wrote and sang in The King Khan & BBQ Show or if I was even there at all, hahaha! But I was. And my contributions may not be respected right now, down to the biased, side-taking reviews, lack of coverage, the sullying, the vilifying etc… but my music and its breadth will be remembered in the future, when image and this moment’s attitudes are forgotten for the façade that they are. The music will always rise to the top – even if it is coveted by few. One thing I DID, however, find unsavoury was how some ‘friends’ and music buddies I had made through the last few years had no problem turning their backs once they had concluded that I am not part of something ‘hip’, anymore. That would be my assumption. That some folks are scared to not be ‘cool’ and possibly face lensless judgement. I guess I had just assumed that kind of clique-y desperation was happening far away from my world. The truth is that no matter how tiny the ‘scene’, how inconsequential the music, however 3rd rate the media coverage and ‘celebrity’, people are consumers and suckers for the most part, generally reverting back to their adolescent insecurities and mechanisms. Oh well. Good riddance. You follow the leaders, and I will be over here doing my own thing.

I am proud of my many contributions. I am proud of my 2 (3!) new albums. I am proud to be doing something perceived as being cloying, while remaining pure. I am proud of my live show. I will paraphrase and combine what I was told once in NYC and once in Paris. My patience and defeat are often rewarded in observations like this from excited strangers, who feel how much I give from my soul at a show and inspire me to continue:

“When I close my eyes I hear pirate radio, complete with the static, with the sound of the signal cutting, the styles changing, tempos crashing, vinyl popping and scratching, like on a juke-box. I am excited to hear what will happen next. When I open my eyes, I see only one man lovingly sacrificing himself for a purpose he doesn’t quite understand. It’s magic.”

I love everyone who helped me out, housed me, drove, promoted me, lied to me, loved me, hated me, had a drink with me, laughed with me, lent me gear, bought my stuff, played with me, came to the shows, tried to fight me, fed me – even those who prove me right by saying shit like, “He doesn’t wear a turban live?! I’m not going.” I just want to play my music, make my music. It is what keeps me going.


Months ago, I was trying to book a small tour around the holidays in Europe. But like with anywhere else, it has proven unnecessarily difficult. Here is what was managed:


Dec 15th: Copenhagen, DK – Stengade
Dec 16th: Stockholm, SW – Vielle Montagne
Dec 17th: Goteborg, SW – Showdown
Dec 22nd: Rome, IT – Init
Dec 27th: Bergen, NO – Garage
Dec 28th: Berlin, DE – Monarch


My plan is to come back to Europe in 2012 and play some other cities and see some friends. If you read this and promote, feel free to write me with ideas.




13 Responses to “Ahhhhhh! Finally home! But not for long…”

  • Random Fan that you could give two fucks about:

    You shouldn’t care if people think you are hip, I guess maybe you stating that clears that up, but even mentioning it gives those assholes who rejected you a sense of satisification. What you should do, is be more open to your fans and not treat them like shit when they ask you to do an interview or want to just talk. There are people that respect you Mark, and dont give a fuck about what other people say, who like you for you and the things you do. Don’t turn your back on them, although you already have one fan.

    • admin:

      no idea what you are referring to, here. i didn’t talk to you or do an interview or basically didn’t do what you wanted me to do? that isn’t treating them (you) like shit. that is being an actual person who doesn’t feel like acting like a robot. i have real feelings and thoughts. and i don’t care what people think of me when i make these observations and speak openly in these posts, but need to make it clear to people who may be curious about this ‘scene’ and all its recent hype, that it isn’t as cool as they think, or maybe conversely exactly as cool as they think. i am still gonna do what i do in whatever capacity i see fit. i don’t care.
      i am sorry you dislike me. but to be honest, my music and performance is very much from my heart and soul. that offering in itself is more than most give. so not entertaining your whims are of lesser concern to me and should be of you.

    • admin:

      also, you must understand that i enjoy interacting with fans and i am appreciative of the love i do get. but honestly, having worked and played with folks that act as politicians with the public, i just don’t like pretending i feel like doing something when i don’t. i think you would have to agree on that. these folks may have garnered your vote and consumer dollars for yessing you to death, but i just can’t. i can kiss your baby and sign your flag OR make music you enjoy. but not both. or the music won’t be the same.

  • Steve:

    Some people may not realize how much you contributed to The King Khan & BBQ Show but for me your vocals are what made those songs so amazing. Keep on writing some of the best music I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

  • please come to vienna too!

  • money has the destroyed the soul of America…history will make this poem prophetic and it’s awful silliness a hideous spiritual music…

    “Death to Van Gogh’s Ear”, Allen Ginsberg, 1959

    Fuck’em, a lumpenproletariat-troubador-just keep creating yer’ art, man!

    You were here during ThxGiving weekend, my girls and I were in Texas visiting immediate family, we still owe you lunch(POKEZ), next time you come back to San Diego.

  • JB:

    Didn’t catch you during your tour – stuck down in the middle of Florida – unless there was a Florida date I was unaware of… regardless, the next time you go on the road again, please try and make it through (even though it really blows here). Never seen you perform live before except a KK & BBQ show a few years back in Atlanta.

    Also, this is most likely a regrettable question, but are you going to the Bruise Cruise? Half the stuff you talked about in this post would make me believe you’re not, but I don’t want to assume.

    • admin:

      not going to the bruise cruise. i can’t understand how most folks can afford it. or is that the point? fla: trying to get out there in the summertime

      • JB:

        I’m going because I managed to get a cheap ticket with friends; otherwise, yeah, too expensive. And please do. If you need help with booking it, let me know.


  • Leafhopper:

    Hi Mark, I recently discovered your music through some FB posts by the Black Lips. Your guitar playing and singing are bad ass and inspiring! I love your style. Hope you are willing to come to Ohio on your next tour.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Currently have ‘Pancakes’ blasting on the record player and waiting for the midwest tour. Got into your stuff last fall through a generous donation of the Almighty Defenders vinly, and haven’t looked back since. Just recently got my hands on Tie Your Noose and that motha’ plays loud-perfect. Chicago,the state of Illnois, or any location for that matter needs some Sultan! Gracias for putting out real music, real rock n’ roll.

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