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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Sultan Records

Axis Abraxas
Livin’ My life
Calloused Hands
Graveyard Eyes
Quit The Human Race
Just For a Moment
No Worries

Song In Grey
If I Had a Polaroid
Blood On Your Hands
Just Like Before
Repulse Me, Baby
I Turned Them All Down
Never Coming Home


Mark Sultan has two new albums waiting to be released on vinyl in the US and beyond sometime in the fall on In The Red Records out of Los Angeles, California. The names of the albums are ‘Whatever I Want’ and “Whenever I Want’, respectively, with a CD release entitled ‘Whatever/Whenever’ following their heels containing 7 songs from each album, 14 of a total 26. The songs are in a similar vein that he has mined of late (and for years): early rock’n’roll, psych, avant garde, free jazz, doo wop, early r&b, garage punk, punk rock, etc… thrown in a pot and simmered over his incredible vocals. Covers of such artists as Ultravox, The Stains, The Four Lords and a couple more round out the collection. Collaborators include Choyce (Red Mass), Jared (Black Lips), Cole (Black Lips), Erin (Spits), Danny (The Gories), etc…”


The first 200 on each LP are on blue vinyl. Get at In The Red.



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